Photography Workshops Metro Detroit Learn Photography Hands On From A Working Professional Photographer

Photography Workshops Metro Detroit

Photography Workshops Metro Detroit? We can help with that! Learn photography “hands on” from an award winning, true professional photographer.

Photography Workshops DetroitThat’s right, if you are searching for photography workshops metro Detroit, Detroit Photography Training photography workshops will get you learning and having fun in no time. Our workshops are about having fun, seeing new things and meeting new people, all while learning photography from someone who knows photography inside out. It doesn’t have to be a struggle to learn photography, let us show you how. Learning photography at workshops can be a great way to get out and be social while still learning.

What exactly is a photography workshop, you ask?

Photography Workshops and lessonsAt Detroit Photography Training we like to think of workshops as photography adventures. Sometimes a workshop will be a few hours spent in the studio having fun with studio lighting or maybe even light painting. Boy, are you going to love light painting. We sure do! Other workshops may be day trips, or even an  overnight trip, to shoot in a cool location like this. Some times there are models and sometimes we model for each other. The topics and location change from workshop to workshop, but fun and learning are always a constant.

Are photography workshops for “newbies or “pros”?

Photography Workshops and Classes Macomb MIThe answer is both and everything in between too! While all workshops have instructional help available, some are instruction intensive and others are more social. In conclusion, there is definitely something for everyone and you are sure to find a workshop that intrigues you. We are also open to suggestions for workshops too.

Are you ready to join us and get started learning photography the fun and easy way? So, sign up below and jump right in. The photography education waters are just fine! And best of all… there are no sharks!