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Photography Lessons Metro Detroit

Searching Google for Photography Classes Metro Detroit? Detroit Photography Training delivers top rated (as rated by CBS News, Detroit) photography lessons and workshops to the Metro Detroit area.


Photography Lessons and Classes Metro Detroit

So if your search terms were Photography Classes Metro Detroit, search no further, Detroit Photography Training is the place for you!

Hands on “private, one on one, photography lessons” and photography workshops, taught by a working pro.

Contact us now by phone or email and get started on your photography journey. There is no better or faster way to learn photography!

Why should you choose the photography lessons, software lessons and photography workshops at Detroit Photography Training?

Photography Classes Metro DetroitI’m Tony Lafferty, professional photographer and founder of Detroit photography Training. Like you, I love photography! I started out as a hobbyist 40 years ago, and have since turned my passion into a career. That is not always a good idea, but in my case, it works for me.

Over time I struggled to learn my craft and made a lot of common mistakes along the way. In the quest to be constantly learning new skills and techniques, I have read many, many, many books and attended an uncountable number of photography seminars. While this approach works, it is truly not the fastest, the least expensive, the most fun or the best way to learn.

Enter Detroit Photography Training. While attending my last seminar, which was much more like a infomercial than a training seminar, it dawned on me that people just want to cut to the chase. Just as I did in that very seminar. People just want to learn what they really need to know without out all of the hoopla and sales pitches. If someone could deliver private, one on one photography lessons, training and workshops in a condensed, hands on, no bull, fun fashion, it would be a smash! That is Detroit Photography Training.

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